TAKADA Hisaji was born in 1934 and passed away in 2014. He was the orthodox lineage of Japanese abstract art. SAKATA Kazuo was the pioneer of Japanese abstract artists.
SAKATA served Fernad Ledger as his assistant and returned to Japan to work on abstract paintings. SAKATA’s heir was NIKI Wataru.
And NIKI taught TAKADA Hisaji.
The tradition that TAKADA inherited from SAKATA and NIKI was anti-authoritarianism and anti-commercialism.
In the artists’ world, or the closed society of Japan, people sought higher status and authority, and tried to sell their works as high as possible. TAKADA totally opposed such phenomena and lived only to paint abstract art.
Therefore, SAKATA, NIKI and TAKADA’s works were not highlighted.
For now, they are only prized by a few collectors who know their value.
Recently, the Japanese abstract art started entering the spotlight.
From now on, SAKATA, NIKI and TAKADA are going to be noticed by art collectors all around the world. Maybe in 2016, maybe in 2017.