YOSHIKAWA Ryo was born in 1971 in Mashiko, a town famous for pottery in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. In 1999 Yoshikawa graduated from Master in Fine Arts in Tokyo University of the Arts.

Ryo Yoshikawa’s unusual sense of creativity has created artwork which expresses the beautiful subtleties of everyday life through psychedelic colours that are powerful yet soft at the same time. He arrived at painting in a chiaroscuro (light-dark) style by studying the dazzling sunlight on the Italian peninsula, sandwiched between the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. A recurrent subject in his picturesque paintings is that of the woods – compositions of trees, leaves and wildlife, which he is especially acquainted with through his frequent stays in a forest in his hometown.

Yoshikawa’s two major themes - the passage of time and shifting light, are subjects that inscribe other entities, as well as objects in which other things are reflected. Japanese Art curator Sayako Mizuta describes Ryo Yoshikawa works to be, ”The sensibility that possesses a keen awareness of these subtle environmental shifts produces, by virtue of its multifaceted meanings, a certain strength and intensity even with the context of a frail delicacy.”