SANO Nuit was born in 1932 graduated from oil painting department of the Joshibi University of Art and Design in 1955. After her graduation, she travelled extensively through Europe, the United States and North Africa as she continued her studies. Nuit Sano cultivate her own expression of colour through series of work such as Dark Blue no Keiretsu (Systems of Dark Blue), Taihi suri Aoi Menseki (Contrasting Areas of Blue) and Ugoku Chusho Chizu (Moving Abstract Maps).

Nuit Sano speaks of blue as a colour that conceals its true emotions. With a palette of colour that many in Japan’s art world calls “Sano blue”, she creates works with surface of colours that comes together to create a lively rhythms of jazz in viewers’ minds. Sano has been continually using a palette of a range of expressive blues and bold brushwork as mirrored in her repeated usage of the word “blue” in her artwork titles. This wide range of blues is contained within her many creations and is still the origin and source of inspiration of her paintings.