ITO Perry was born in 1965. He studied in New York, and obtained a Master’s Degree in the Science of Art. Perry Itoh was a talented painter and his intelligence was notably remarkable. Moreover, he was a man of sharp features, which landed him a spot in a lucrative local entertainment agency in Japan. He subsequently went to teaching, and accumulated valuable experiences working in a jewellery store in New York for seven years that further honed his sense of colours.

His artworks were defined as "Artworks that Express the Subconscious Mind". At this stage, he was getting a clearer view of his subconscious mind, which he eventually merged with the spiritual realm. He would then bring them out onto the canvas with colours and shapes. These artworks were a window to what was within the human psyche, and presented to viewers what was fundamentally beyond what the human eye could physically see.

When one looks at his works, it would be clear that his sense of colours was influenced by his constant contact with jewellery stones. For example, the brilliant and vibrant cocktail of colours was thought to be base on rubies and sapphires. Furthermore, the structure of the painting that combines the plaster with the canvas reminds us of the relationship between the jewel and the ring setting.

His works have been showcased in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Madrid, and have received positive reviews. His works are perceived to incorporate the aesthetical concepts of Gaudi, but there is still debate on whether it was the result or cause of positive reviews received in Spain.



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